Your B Journey

Better Business Together – Your B Journey

B-Spoke Co offers tailored and customised services to purpose driven businesses that are on their B Corp Certification journey and for-profit-businesses wanting to incorporate better social and environmental principles into their operations.

B-Spoke Services

B-Spoke Co understands that every business is unique and considers this in determining the best approach to achieve your social and environmental conscious, profitable business.

B-Spoke Services are actively guided by B-Spoke Co and takes a project management approach, with the following tailored options:

  • B Impact Assessment Guidance and Support
  • B Impact Assessment Reporting and Analysis
  • Impact Strategy and Implementation

These options allow for comprehensive support to businesses seeking to embed, track and assess purpose and profit.

Better Business Together

Better Business Together allows B-Spoke Co to support your businesses’ impact journey. This is an informative and knowledge-sharing approach that enables support and value adds with the following options:

  • Check-in and Accountability Sessions
  • Internal and External Stakeholder Workshop Facilitation
  • Best Practice Sharing Sessions

By working this way together, it will help ensure you stay on track, receive feedback on progress, and have the opportunity to collaborate on challenges.